Saturday, July 01, 2006

Life Throws Curveballs with 6 feet of break....

Hey everyone,

Its been awhile since i last blogged. Its now been a month and a week since graduating from Westminster. A LOT has changed. Dina (my gf of about 3 years) broke up with me, i decided NOT to move to NY to take a job with the boyscouts....and i still am jobless. I never woulda thought that i would be in this position right now, but DOES throw some major curveballs...better than even Oliver Perez can throw (or used to ;).

I have been applying like mad to many broadcasting jobs for everything between on air announcer positions to commercial copywriting. I really have not heard anything positive back yet, but i am crossing my fingers for a couple of positions.

1. The first job i applied to was to KeyMarket Communications in Pittsburgh to be a entry-level commercial copywriter with the Froggy stations. I applied because i really feel that i can be successful in that type of situation, and that i am creative enough to consistently put out effective commercials for the clients. I have this confidence based on the fact that at Westminster, i was a part of several commercial writing campaigns and have written commercials for clients such as CCCS, The Lawrence County Humane Society, and the LLP program at WC just to name a few. I hope to hear from them soon!

2. The second job that i just applied for is in Warren, PA. It would be for a news director position with their 3 stations. I have worked in radio news for awhile...and would really like to serve a rural area like Warren, PA. Its in the heart of the Allegheny National Forest...and i absolutely love the area and the people. So i will keep hoping for either position.

I start on Monday at the George Junior Republic as a Relief Staff member for cottage parents. Pretty much it means that i will work 2.5 days a week (Sat-Mon) (36 hours) and make enough that i hopefully can put back and save for an APT whenever i land that elusive first job. I am excited just to start working again...since i haven't had a job since graduation.

I will continue to keep everyone up to date on my whereabouts...if you will all keep reading. i appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers for me as i try to take my first steps into the broadcasting world. I hope to make a profound impact in it someday.



At 11:53 AM, Blogger Heather Storm said...

keep at it Brian! what do you do at George Junior? that sounds interesting.

At 4:12 PM, Blogger Brad W. said...

Always have a plan and be ready to update/ammend the plan.


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